The Blorgle is Snacking

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Myspace is nothing.

What are you doing right now? Wasting your life away on MySpace. Now you would wonder why I am posting about this extremely popular (and trendy) website. Well, I don't really, have a problem with myspace, as you all know I have one too, but it all started yesterday...
I was sitting on my computer as usual doing something productive on paint for art class. The P's were down stairs with me watching the football game with the surround sound, and LOW AND BEHOLD the commercials come on. I stop to look at the TV because I heard a commercial talking about myspace. It had these two stupid ditzy girls on it saying that there going to find there "favorite myspacers" and the other girl then said that she was going to "rock out to her favorite bands on myspace" blah blah blah.

My jaw dropped.

It seems like they are going to make some stupid show about myspace and the people on here. Why? It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Why would you make a show about people that are on your friends list that you don't even know and pretend like you listen to good music? Why would you want to make a show about pages that aren’t even people and the stupid myspace whores whoring it up, showing off there nasty bodies, both fat and skinny.

Almost all of our teenagers (and some adults) of this time own a page. There is nothing else better to do than sit in front of your stupid PC or laptop and talk to "friends" you don't really have, and get fat and pale.
Twenty years down the road when we are all adults with kids, we will have realized that we have wasted away at the computer screen looking at myspace. Then the revelation will hit, and they will say "OMG I WASTED MY WHOLE LIFE ON MYSPACE!"
(and they will pronounce "omg" as OH-EMM-GEE, because there speaking skills are lacking.)

Twenty years from now there probably won't even be a myspace and it will be one of those big things that came and went like Beanie Babies or the Hippies from San Francisco. What ever happened to myspace just having bands and their music on there. That’s how I remember it. I've had this thing since 2004, and at that time barely anybody had one.

Oh, but what really makes my blood boil is when people post stupid bulletins about really stupid pointless things.
And the chain letters!?
"if you don't post this in 5 minutes, you'll have bad love luck forever"
Even though everyone knows there not true, people send them anyways!
I'll answer why, its because people have nothing else to do.
Why don't you go out side, or read a book and do something productive with your life.

Thanks Tom for making our teenagers, mindless myspace clones.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I finally made my Hufflepuff Scarf!!Folded.
Me modeling my scarf,....haha.

Scarf on the floor.

Close up on the "H"

Jack modeling it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Awake from the dead!

The revival from the Blorgle snacking!
It is now alive again!

-Now you must wonder what all this hub bub is about?!
I decided to pick this blog back out of the gutter and start using it.
And now with a new subject, and a new lovely layout I made myself, This blog is set to go right?

So now topics to talk about?
Well I just finished reading a book today.
It was "the Magicians Nephew" From C.S. Lewis' "Chronicales of Narnia" series.
I finished it in two days! I never go through a book that fast!
It is a really good book, I remember when my mom read it to me along with that whole series when I was little, and I really liked that book, now I remember why. It told the whole story before the story of Narnia. How everything was created and how there was evil in the world instantly. (The Witch)
The really cool thing about these books is that C.S. Lewis put alot of Christian Symbolisim into it. Things about creation, a creator. A loving creator who is constantally there for his people, (God), and in the books, the creator's name Aslan, whom is a Lion. The Witch (that came from another dead world that she conquered) is a symbolisim of evil, and the constant battles in life that we have to go through.
Tomorrow I will be reading the second book from that series called "Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe". And as most of you know, there was a movie for that book not too long ago. Pretty good for a Disney Movie.

So lately I have been really getting into reading. Before I started that Series, I read the Wrinkle in time books.
I really enjoied thoes too. They had alot of science with tesseracts and quantum physics and stuff. The best book out of that series was "A Wind in the Door". If you haven't read it, go read it, its worth a read. The last two are good too, but not as much, there just diffrent.

the one thing that got me into reading was the Harry Potter Series. When I was younger I loved loved loved Harry Potter. I read the first 4 books that were out at the time. Then I stopped. A few months ago I decided to give them another shot, and with two other books (5 and 6) that I haven't gotten to yet, then was the time to do it. I knew it would take me a long time beacuse I was a slow reader and these books are hundreds of pages long. I started with the third to refresh my memory. Then re-read the fourth, then got into the 5th one and then finally the 6th. I really liked them. Order of the Pheonix (book 5) and The Half Blood Prince (book 6) bolth brought a tear to my at the ending. So many deaths! Need I say more? Anyways, the best thing about them was that the older the books, the more adult like they are. More bad things happen, and greater tasks are taken place. I recommend these books too. I can't wait untill the 7th book comes out. I will probally wet my self when I get it I'll be so excited.
Harry Potter just has to be my all-time-favorite. As I said, i grew up with them, so I had many years with Harry Potter. I think I fisrt read the books when I was 12. I am 18 now. That is crazy how quickly time goes by.

Anyways, books are great! Read read read!

Untill next time!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So now I finally have a blog. For some odd reason this term "blog" or "blogger" makes me feel like this certant page apposed to my others makes it more sophisticated, and more adultlike? Anyways, I guess I'd like to start this thing off with some random pictures. Enjoy.